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Lizzy Tucker … magical pastry chef!

April 26, 2013

If you enjoyed Evanovich’s previous series featuring Stephanie the comedic bounty hunter from New Jersey, you will also enjoy her latest Lizzy and Diesel series, starring Lizzy Tucker, a Salem pastry chef.

Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich

Janet has applied her winning writing formula to depict her latest madcap heroine, with a different theme – this time it’s all about magic, both black and white kinds. Lizzy has an unusual talent that allows her to divine whether an object is magic or not. Enter Diesel (good) and his cousin Gerwulf (evil) who both need her for her skills…shades of Morelli and Ranger vying for Miz Plum’s affections in Evanovich’s previous book series.

However, the formula has worked (more or less) for the existing 19 Plum books, and it is still manages to elicit some laughs from this reader.Honestly, if you wanted a high brow book which required serious concentration, you wouldn’t be reading Evanovich. Wicked Business and Wicked Appetite provide light-hearted, well-written entertainment that takes your mind off your troubles, or helps you get to sleep, whichever you prefer.

– Tamara Jones

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