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The Vampire Shrink

May 1, 2013

vampireDenver resident Dr. Kismet Knight is a high-achieving, sexy, beautiful young psychologist.  When Midnight, a young vampire wannabe is referred to her for counselling, she realises there is a whole untapped market of ‘crazy’ people out there, that she can use as material for a book. So she advertises herself as ‘the vampire shrink … late night hours available’.

Next minute, Midnight’s prospective Master turns up, and is instantly certain he has found his mate. Unfortunately for Kismet, Devereux is the most powerful vampire in the area, and that means he has enemies. Enemies who realise that Kismet is now his weak point. In addition, an FBI agent is complicating matters, the Devil is making housecalls, the local police think she is involved in a series of murders where the victims are exsanguinated and she has fallen in lust with a vampire!

Personally, I found  ‘The vampire shrink’ by Lynda Hilburn to be a paranormal romance typical of the genre, but two things elevated it from the ranks – Kismet doesn’t believe in vampires, and also the vampires in this novel have a few other powers that I’ve not read of before.  It’s also got a fair dollop of eroticism and humour.  All in all, it was pretty good … enough to while away a few wintry hours!  The sequel ‘Blood therapy’ is also available now, and there are more to follow.

– by Natalie


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