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Review: Don’t let me go / Susan Lewis

May 8, 2013

dont' let me goCharlotte Nicholls and three year old Chloe live an idyllic life in a cottage by the sea at Te Puna, New Zealand. Family live close by. All Charlotte wants to do is build a new life for herself and Chloe. However, Charlotte has a secret and in this day of the internet, if someone bears a grudge and feels there is something not quite right, a search of the internet can really open a can of worms, even if you’ve moved to the other side of the world.

A very moving story of what one woman would do for the love of a child. As it says on the cover; a multi-faceted tear jerker, an irresistible blend of intrigue and passion. You just keep turning the page, with the atmosphere growing more intense as the story leads to its dramatic climax. A good read.

– by Janice

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