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Be part of Tararua history

May 9, 2013

‘Journey to Today: Tararua Migration Stories’ is the brainchild of Kay Flavell in Eketahuna. It is a visual version of oral history.

It was originally a project in conjunction with an Artist in Residency at New Pacific Studios at Mount Bruce, and continuing the ‘Story Spot’ project launched by New Pacific Studios in 2003. However, funding didn’t come through for the artist to continue.

It involves residents of Tararua district drawing around their hand and then writing on the tracing answers to the following questions.

What to do:

Place your hand flat on some A4 paper, and draw around your hand. Add your name and date at the top of the sheet.trace your hand

Write the answer to the following questions briefly on the fingers of your tracing (one answer per finger shape). If there is not enough room, write the answers anywhere on the paper.

1. Where did today’s journey start? (where did you wake up this morning)

2. Where did your life journey start? (where were you born/date?)

3. Key stops and encounters along the way (important memories)

4. What is your greatest treasure?

5. What is your dream?

Send or deliver the finished product  to your local Tararua Library, where they will be deposited into a Story Box. They will then be scanned into the Tararua District Library’s Kete (online digital repository) for everybody to access.

Over time, we hope to get hundreds of really interesting stories from a wide range of Tararua residents.  People will be able to search the Kete in future years to see how their current circumstances compare to now. It will also be a useful tool for historical research.

There is no deadline or obligation to participate in this project, but we would really appreciate as much input as possible.


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