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Review: The bride wore pearls / Liz Carlyle

May 21, 2013

The cover of this small Avon Historical Romance paperback gives the illusion of romance. There is also a comment by an author “Intriguing, engaging.. and illicit delight!”

Click to reserveA quick précis : Lady Anisha Stafford fled her native India after her husband died, and takes her children and young brother to live with her brother in England. She meets again her brother’s friend Rance Welham, who has survived scandal and disgrace and evaded being hung. He and Anisha try to discover who is responsible for Rance’s troubles.

Now, I mean no disrespect to the author, whom I’m sure has written wonderful stuff, but I found this book a slow read. Too many people chasing other people to solve an old mystery and getting nowhere. There is some sex, not a great deal of violence. I’m afraid the most exciting bit is in the last twelve pages before the epilogue, when they uncover what happened and how, who was responsible and what happened to that person. I think I’ll need to read another by this author to see if this was a one-off dry read.

– Dolly W.


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