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Review: Egyptian pharaohs: 3000 years of dynastic rule / Martin Howard

May 23, 2013

Egyptian mummiesOf the so-called “classic ancient cultures” the Roman, Greeks and Egyptians, it is the Egyptians that have the most mystery, and with 3000 years of history, is that any wonder?

It is that mystery that makes this book strange to say the least. While there are recognizable names like Tutankhamun (nothing like a good curse and murder), Rameses (power and warfare) and Cleopatra (Romance, intrigue and tragedy), these are few and far between those pharaohs listed as “thought to have” existed, or “only known from” some artifact, or the ever so popular “little is known of”.  But there is enough historic detail both about Egypt and the area itself to make this a worthy read.

As an aside, I find it interesting how this book, and western society, describe the “tomb robbers” of ancient times and yet seem to forget that most of those pyramids’ and temples were actually emptied by 18th and 19th century “archaeologists” , who spirited the treasures away to many foreign museums’ around the world!

– Darren


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