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Review: Enligtening Delilah / M.C. Beaton

June 4, 2013
Author MC Beaton

Author MC Beaton

Part of ‘The school for manners’ series by the author of the popular Agatha Raisin series, this short novel features the delightful Misses Tribble. Amy and Effy are high-class but poor middle-aged spinsters, forced to hire themselves out as chaperones to prepare difficult young misses for marriage.Effy persists in behaving like she’s in her twenties, cries at the drop of a hat and engages in shameless flirting with any eligible gentleman. Amy is rather comely, large and clumsy, and far more sensible than her sister. They behave as perfect ladies in public, but it’s a different story in private and in this volume, twenty-three year old Delilah is continually shocked by them.

Delilah is a great beauty, however after being led-on and then rejected by the eligible Lord Digby when she was 17, she has become a terrible flirt. In her mind, all men are cads so why shouldn’t she break their hearts before they break hers? When Lord Digby makes an unexpected reappearance in her life, her father packs her off to the Tribbles, safely out of the way. Unfortunately, Lord Digby also goes to London and is quickly smitten with her again. Delilah is determined to finally give him a taste of his own medicine, and takes up with the worst cad of them all, to drive Digby insane with jealously, prompt him to propose and then reject him. But her plan is not very sound, and she soon finds herself in grave danger. Can the Misses Tribble save her?

Although a very short novel, a lot seems to happen within it’s pages, and there are a few twists and turns that spice it up.  There are other books in this series, each one featuring a different incorrigible young Miss, and each story as delightful as the last. If you like historical romances with a touch of wit, a dab of intrigue and a good dose of humour, these are the books for you.  5/5

– Natalie


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