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Review: Inferno / Dan Brown

June 13, 2013

Dan Brown researches extremely well for his novels – sometimes to the point where the factual research seeps into and temporarily takes over the fiction.

‘Inferno’ is such a novel. However, the factual side does not overpower the strength of the storyline especially when the one skim reads those parts.

‘Inferno’ is a mysterious, intriguing, and action packed thriller with Brown’s main character from his ‘The Da Vinci Code’, Robert Langdon, again featuring. Referencing ‘Dante’s Inferno’, the story takes us through the streets of Florence, Italy with a stunning conclusion in Istanbul, Turkey. Langdon must decipher codes hidden within Renaissance sculptures, buildings and paintings to potentially save the world’s population from a disastrous fate.

Well worth reading with a thought provoking ending. – by Nikki

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