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Review: There’ll be blue skies / Ellie Dean

June 17, 2013

BClick to see catalogue entries for Ellie Deaneginning in England in late 1939, this story follows the lives of 16-year-old Sally and her 6-year-old brother Ernie (who is crippled by polio), as they are abandoned by their mother and evacuated from the East End of London to Cliffehaven in the south of England.

At Cliffehaven they are taken under the wing of Peggy Reilly and her family at the Beach Haven Boarding house. Life takes a turn for the better for the children, and the people they can now call friends are many. Through the continuous bombing, the use of the local boats and local people for the Dunkirk evacuation, rationing and family problems, the residents carry on, and one can imagine the pain and tragedy that made them strong.

Even though she was not born until after World War II, the author has researched this book really well and the list of acknowledgements is long. The story was believable and enjoyable to read, and I have just finished the next in the series ‘ Keep Smiling Through’ which continues the life of the Reilly family as well as Sally & Ernie.

by Diane

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