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What really happened at Roswell in 1947?

July 8, 2013

Today is the 66th anniversary of the Roswell, New Mexico, UFO incident.

Click for catalogueThe Roswell Conspiracy by Boyd Morrison offers a new and intriguing theory on what this UFO really was.  The action begins in Queenstown, New Zealand, where scientific engineer Tyler has agreed to meet with the elderly woman Fay Allen, who was the first on the scene at the Roswell crash. As a young girl, she saw the crash and, when curiosity would have caused her death, was saved by an injured ‘alien’.  He made her memorise a phrase, and gave her a map of symbols on a bit of wood before dying. She has spent her whole life trying to decipher the meaning of this map, which she has tracked to the Nazca lines.

Initially sceptical, when Tyler is forced to save Fay from a team of assassins, he realises she may be on to something.  Using clues left by the assailants, they track them to a remote area of Australia where the government is assisting America with testing of a new weapon. A weapon that uses a small element from the crash to power it.  And it seems that Fay’s map is a clue to where a significantly large source of this element can be found. Unfortunately, Fay innocently revealed that information in an online interview.  And now some rogue Russian agents are trying to steal the weapon, find the power source, and use it to destabilise Amercia and re-establish Russia as a global superpower.

The story reaches a satisfying conclusion which includes an explanation of what the Roswell crash could have been.  But you’ll have to read this rip-roaring, globe trotting action adventure to find out…



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