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Congratulations to local author

July 16, 2013

The 2013 New Zealand annual science fiction and fantasy awards were held in Wellington this week, and one of our local authors has walked away with the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novel.  Congratulations to Norsewood resident  author Lyn McConchie and Canadian author Sharman Horwood for their winning novel ‘Queen of Iron Years’

Winner of Best Novel Sir Julius Vogel Award 2013 The Sir Julius Vogel awards are fan voted awards for various endeavours in the science fiction, fantasy or horror fields. Sir Julius Vogel was a Prime Minister of New Zealand, and wrote in 1889 what was probably the first full     length Science Fiction novel by a New Zealander, Anno Domini 2000 – A Woman’s Destiny.

Fredrik Brounéus won the award for best youth novel with his book The Prince of Soul and The Lighthouse, while Matt and Debbie Cowens won for best collected work with Mansfield with Monsters.A list of other winners is available here.

Queen of Iron Years:WELCOME TO 2035… Tensen’s Virus affects transsexuals, bonding with their body chemistry to induce a lethal allergic reaction in anyone who has sex with a carrier. Tensen’s carriers are demonized. Even those profiled with the same hormone mix come under attack. Believing himself to be a descendant of the Iceni, thirty-year-old pre-op transsexual, Cean Rowan, always felt an obsessive connection with Boadicea . Leading a rebellion against the Roman invasion in 61 A .D. she united British tribes and bettered far superior Roman forces, but two mistakes ultimately caused the defeat of her people, and cost her life. What if Cean could go back to prevent her death and change the very course of history and alter his time as well..?



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