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What’s so great about The Ranger’s apprentice’ series?

July 28, 2013

Doctors refer to it as a cerebrovascular accident (stroke), my father calls it “not listening to him” but I like to think of it as “breaking my brain”.  It meant that for about 18 months, the desire to read was gone. Thank heavens for my old Commando war comics and John Flanagan’s The Ranger’s apprentice series. I had already read the whole series yet found it is the only fiction series that I have been able to read and more importantly re-read and enjoy.

This children’s series has the necessary characters with orphaned hero (Will), a gruff yet likeable mentor in Halt (cross between Friar Tuck and Jack Sparrow), arch-enemy to best friend in Horace (our Little John) . Not only are the characters recognizable but you will have fun trying to place the many cultures and people’s which are under different names (e.g.  Japanese, Arabs, Italians, French and the Hun).

The stories also manage to include humour, crime, war and…horrors..romance – not enough to really spoil the stories thankfully!

You will find these books a quick enjoyable read, or a pleasant interlude while waiting for that next new block buster. And if you’ve got a son (or daughter) who enjoy fantasy adventures, these are the books for them too!

reviewed by Darren Russell

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