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Review: Te hao nui = the great catch : Objects from Te Manawa / edited by Fiona McKergow and Kerry Taylor

August 9, 2013

Where ever I travel, there are always two places I look for – the local library and the local museum (okay, three – the best take away, but I’m trying to look cultured here). I don’t mean the big museums such as Te Papa, the Smithsonian or the Louvre, but the local museums like Aotea utanganui (Patea), the Gallery of History (Dannevirke) or Te Manawa (Palmerston North).  And this book is about Te Manawa (the heart) museum of art, science and history.

The most different aspect of this book, and it’s most endearing, is that it’s not only a history of the museum as an entity but also explains how each display may be just an item but has a tie to the social life of the Manawatu, however literal or abstract that this may be.

So this book covers the prehistoric moa, the Maori world with taiaha, European with top hats, it includes what one considers the New Zealand no 8 wire attitude with the kerosene box chair and home-made roller skates to one of Manawatu’s first computers.

This book is a very good read about an interesting subject.

by Darren


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