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Are you a middle-ton?

August 12, 2013

middle childNo, not a Middleton as in Kate – a middle child!   Why?  Today (12 August) is Middle Childrens Day that’s why!  Middle children are often the ones who feel overlooked and overshadowed (speaking from experience)  as older and younger children seem to attract more attention.  Feeling this way can give rise to Middle Child Syndrome, which may cause depression, stress, lack of focus and motivation. As adults, there is often lingering low self-esteem.

There are advantages though – older siblings lead the way and look after you, and younger siblings look up to you. The best of both worlds perhaps.  And often middle children have made the choice to attract attention by achieving, rather than accept the situation.

“Middle-borns are more likely than their siblings to be successful and enjoy strong social lives and flourishing careers” say Catherine Salmon and Katrin Schumann, the authors of The Secret Power Of Middle  Children. They have learned to be risk takers, negotiators and agents of change.

We have plenty of useful books in our parenting section (649) if you’d like to investigate this or birth order further.  And if you’re a wee bit older, our self-help section (158) may be of interest.


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