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Review: Hope’s Road / Margareta Osborn

August 13, 2013

Set in the rugged high country of East Gippsland, Victoria , Australia, this is the story of  three different properties  and the very different lives of the people on those properties.

Hopes RoadThere’s old Joe McCauley, a bad tempered recluse, that spends his time spying on the property where he was brought up. The place he walked away from sixty years ago.  There is Tammy McCauley  who lives on that property, Montmorency Downs. Her husband has left her and she is struggling to make a go of the place on her own, not that he did a lot to help when he lived there. It is a harsh environment. Floods , bloat and ravaging wild dogs don’t make farming easy for Tammy.

Then there is Travis Hunter, a wild-dog trapper, struggling as a single dad. Travis finds it difficult to show his son the love and affection that he craves.

Then something happens  and the three neighbours find they have to help one another. It is also time to confront the mistakes of the past.

A great read. I recommend it.

– Janice

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