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Review: Serial killers and mass murderers / Joyce Robins & Peter Arnold

August 28, 2013

I often hear people mention how scary new psychological thrillers are. How scary it is, is dependant on the author’s imagination, but true crime books, detailing the actions of real people, are truly chilling.

This book is a collection about killers, gangsters, cannibals and psychopaths. Many are well known, such as Jack The Ripper, the Boston Strangler, and the Son Of Sam, but there are also case studies of less well known murderers like the Hillside Strangler, Wayne Gacy, the Yorkshire Ripper, Pedro Lopez (who was convicted of murdering 300 young girls over 13 years), Jean-Baptiste Tropmann or Jacques Mesrine (public enemy No 1 in Canada and France).

But I do have a complaint and a warning about the tales in this book:

  1. Bonnie and Clyde are described as gangsters. In my opinion, they had no connection to organized crime whatsoever. Thugs and murderers yes – gangsters no.
  2. Doctor Adams was found not guilty of the crimes he was charged with, and in the era of David Bain and Ewan McDonald, I feel including him in a book about unsolved murders is risky for defamation reasons.

So after reading this book, ladies and gentlemen, you might want to go back to your horror and thriller novels for a bit of light relief!

– Darren


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