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Stephanie is just not Janet!

September 13, 2013

“Big girls panties” by Stephanie Evanovich

I made the rookie mistake of ordering and reading this book thinking it was written by Janet Evanovich, who writes the Stephanie Plum books, but this is her niece. Thinking it was a Janet book, I was amazed how two dimensional the characters were and how I really couldn’t get to like them very much at all. Knowing it’s not written by this successful author doesn’t make the book any more enjoyable, and doesn’t endear me to thinking it’s a better book than it is.

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The story is run-of-the-mill girl meets boy, do they, don’t they and happy endings. The bit in the middle doesn’t get much better. It’s standard formula for this type of chick lit and, honestly, nowadays I expect more from these kind of books. The supporting characters seem flat and uninteresting, and there really aren’t any big surprises in store for you, no plot twists, no psycho ex’s.Holly has a sad back story, friends who come close to being enemies, and a lack of self-worth that mysteriously disappears with the kilo’s. I kept wondering where all that extra skin went – pegs? Elastic bands round the back pulling it all tight? Logan is unlikable for so many reasons, and Chase and Amanda seem to have been added to appeal to the Shades of Grey contingency. I read this book in an evening and, while I’m a quick reader, that’s fast for me. If you want mindless shallow holiday reads, yep this will do it, but there’s better out there starting with Aunty Janet.Other reviewers have said they hoped for more books with these characters! Why? There was barely enough to fill this one, and I really don’t care to learn the stories of the supporting characters. Maybe Stephanie will get into her stride by the second book but I won’t be waiting to find out.

– Corinna

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