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You can judge a book by it’s cover!

September 16, 2013

Rescue me by Rachel Gibson

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One of my customers picks her books based on the colour of the cover. Not so unusual really when most of us look at the art work before we read the blurb. While waiting for the new Lee Child ( to be reviewed when it arrives on my desk!) I am happily plodding through a mix of books and decided to use the cover colour test.For those of you not in the know, most pastel coloured covers are modern romance or chick lit. I picked up “Rescue me” by Rachel Gibson, with a cover of a very nice shade of pale blue. What a brilliant read!! Well written and likeable characters, witty banter that flows, well-paced story line and just that little feeling at the end that you want to know more of these peoples’ lives.

Sadie is on her way home to Texas for a wedding, which will include awful dresses, big hair and gossip. Not only is she still single but she doesn’t seem to visit her dad as often as the town thinks she should. On the way she gives ex navy SEAL Vince a lift to his Aunt’s and makes him an offer he really shouldn’t refuse. There is lots of good dialogue in this book and some real heart breaking moments. It’s written with depth and humour and I loved every page. I also want to step back into Sadie and Vince’s world and find out how it’s going.

Laugh out loud, shed a tear and enjoy the journey, this book will tick all those boxes and more. A really excellently written, fun read. So good I’ve ordered all her other books and am secretly hoping that Lee takes a little bit longer to turn up.

– Corinna


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