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Time to Spring into weight loss?

September 23, 2013

Lose Weight for Life by Claire Turnbull

I’ve been waiting for a book on diets written by an actual dietician, and although Turnbull is not tertially qualified, she has many years’ experience in the field of dietetics [yes, it’s a word] both here and overseas, and writes a column for Healthy Food Guide magazine. In addition, Turnbulls personal battles with food during her adolescence and early adulthood have fuelled her passion for finding long-term solutions to losing weight for life. And that is the key message in her book – diets are not for weeks or months, diet (singular) is a way of eating healthily for life.Lose weight for life

Those who have struggled with their weight in the past (or present) will find this book quite helpful, particularly as it starts off dealing with our psychological approach to food. It can help us understand our relationship with food, which underscores what our weight is, and also help us retrain our brains to view food not as ‘the enemy’ but as our life-long friend. A word of caution: no book is a panacea for any change in your life. One must apply themselves in conjunction with this, or any, book to achieve the desired result.

That being said, ‘Lose Weight for Life’ is one of the most sensible books on weight loss I have read for some years – and it’s written by a Kiwi = double bonus!

– Tamara

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