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The age of zombies continues…in New Zealand!

October 13, 2013

blue“Blue” is the debut novel by Californian Brandy Wehinger, a resident of Auckland New Zealand. It’s a zombie story with plenty to sink your teeth into: romance, supernatural monsters and a good dose of blood and gore. Told by a variety of narrators, it’s light and funny, but still has everything a zombie novel should have.

This all-ages novel is set in a society where small communities live on building tops high above the ground, created to put space between the citizens and the zombies that roam down below. Valiant Gunslingers ride on horses to protect cities and deliver messages, but you’ve got to have your wits about you when you’re riding through fields of the undead. Then there’s Blue: half zombie, half human. And she’s searching for a place to belong.

(source:Random House)

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This rather original novel had me from the beginning, when a woman of indeterminate age, Katie, spends a year lying on the ground after being bitten by an Undead. She turns, but not all the way – she becomes a rare Blue. Unbreathing, undying, but not desiring human flesh and with all her mental abilities and memories intact.  After many years exploring the world, she settles in a tower in the desert, surrounded by her Undead brethren of which there are two kinds – the usual slow Undead, and the Variants who are somewhat cognizant and very fast. Her tower is filled with art, books and other remnants of a world that no longer exists, but she is very lonely.  Meanwhile, decades have passed and a new kind of society has formed amongst the human survivors. They either live in the tree tops, where they grow food for the cities, or they live on top of tall buildings with hanging bridges between them.  Elliot, a city boy, is visiting the country and gets caught by a group of Undead … but Katie the Blue saves him.

At first afraid, he soon finds his fascination for her turn to love and runs off to live with her.  Unfortunately, his Father is the Leader and his authority is threatened by the actions of his son, so he instructs the Gunslingers to find both Elliot and Katie, and bring them to the city. Elliot will be executed for treason, and Katie will be ‘studied’.   Along the way, another new Blue, Lukas, is captured  and soon learns that he can control the other zombies with his mind. And he does not like humans anymore – they must be punished.  I won’t spoil the ending for you.

My only critique is that there were a few too many narrators for me (about 10) … it was a little hard to remember who was who at times.  The other really cool thing is that no actual location or time period was specified – it was before and after Z (A.Z ..after Zombie).  I really did enjoy this story, and am looking forward to the next book (and I hope there is one, otherwise I’m left hanging!).  – Natalie


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