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Review: A mission of honor: The Royal Navy in the Pacific 1769-1997 by John McLean

October 16, 2013

mission honourI’m sorry but I did not like this this book – I tried but could not. Whilst this book struggles so hard to be a history book, unfortunately it read more like a cross between a conspiracy manifest and a political manifesto.

Any author will always write his version of history and that is her/his right, but in my opinion, this author squashes into that history anything from his views on the Chinese, the Japanese and Americans, up to and including Franklin Roosevelt to drug interdiction, the EEC and Thatcherism. An author is entitled to air his views – that is their job – but these little quibbles (well, actually major rants) are at their best badly written with misplaced facts, or at their worst are “grizzles” verging on persecution in places, foisted upon the reader whether we want them or not!

Another let down by the author is way too many quotes. To me, this book feels like it’s a collection of quotes connected by a few original thoughts, and those annoying whinges. Aaarrgghh!

Tie this in with the flow of the book being difficult to follow (to me anyway), and I am sad to say it’s been a big disappointment. But this is only my opinion. You are more than welcome to differ – please feel free to prove me wrong.

– Darren


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