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I like Unravelling (and I cannot lie)

November 4, 2013

“Unravelling” is a Young Adult book by Elizabeth Norris – the first in a series.  It’s a dystopian science fiction I guess you’d say.  Set in the current time, it’s the story of 17 year old Janelle Tenner – a pretty blonde, smart, unraveling-coverCalifornian surfer girl. But life is not all roses for her; she’s had to be a surrogate mother to her little brother for years, as her mother struggles with uncontrolled Bipolar, and her FBI agent father is always working.  And then, she dies.

Inexplicably, a teenage boy called Ben brings her back to life with the touch of his hand. Doctors find evidence of a recently healed broken spine… How can Ben have done this?  And when he did it, Janelle saw into his soul – saw through his eyes that he has loved her for years, ever since she saved him from drowning, and she never even knew.

As her father is investigating the person who killed her,  Janelle can’t help snooping in her fathers files and finds out that someone has been opening wormholes to another universe, and each time people are dying horribly. Each time, the two universes are getting drawn together… if they collide, it will be the end for both. Her father is trying to stop it, but the countdown is on and there are less than 24 days left before the end of all things. Meanwhile, she is trying to understand Ben and his abilities, while succumbing to the strong feelings they now share.

I found this book quite enjoyable – a little bit of romance, science fiction, and paranormal. Like a mixture of Twilight, Fringe and Sherlock Holmes.  I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

–   Natalie


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