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The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life! Or, diet recipes for food lovers…

November 13, 2013

Hairy BikersIf you enjoy cooking programmes, you might be familiar with Si King and Dave Meyers of Hairy Bikers fame. I have enjoyed watching them stuff their faces with delicious breads from around Europe, and wished I could join them. Now, after reading about their struggles to lose six stone between them, I’m partly glad I wasn’t gorging with them!

Naturally, the gastronomic duo still want to ‘eat like Kings’, and we, the general public, benefit from this, as their latest book is filled with easy, do-able recipes. Si and Dave take everyday foods that we love, such as Doner Kebabs and fish cakes and put their low-fat spin on it. Add their dieter’s versions of roast lamb and roast beef, along with a hundred or two other recipes, make this book a real winner for me. Sections covered include breakfast and brunch, real food fast, family favourites, food from afar, something sweet, snacks and salads…and did you know there is a ‘Hairy Bikers Diet Club‘?! Pretty cool.

In addition, the recipes really are easy, with substitutions found in any pantry. Dave and Si also write a bit of a foreword with tips that helped them lose weight, and the pair of them write as they talk, which makes for very easy reading.

I am seriously thinking about buying this book. 5/5 stars. Only $1 to reserve a copy at your local branch today!

– Tam Jones

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