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Carl Hiaasen

November 17, 2013
Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen

Best-selling author Carl Hiaasen returns with his usual entertaining and wicked social commentary in ‘Bad Monkey’, his fourteenth adult novel. Yancy, the hero and underdog (which Kiwis will appreciate), is battling to be reinstated as a detective with the Monroe County Sheriff’s office, after an unfortunate incident involving an, umm, orifice… On the home front, Yancy is fighting an unscrupulous developer and county officials whose only priority is making money from the Floridian Everglades.

But Yancy could almost be a Kiwi with his ingenious No.8 Wire solutions to his problems both professionally and privately. Unfortunately (and many may identify with this), relations with the opposite sex lead him into trouble, especially where a saucy blonde is concerned. Events intertwine, leading Yancy to a chance meeting with Johnny Depp’s co-starring monkey and his master, a displaced islander, and they join forces to fight evil, aka fraudulent real estate magnates.

Hiaasen is an author who never fails to deliver, and has a wonderful way with words that keeps his books rocking along, alternately horrifying and amusing the reader. If you haven’t yet tried this author, he comes highly recommended, and we have a good stack of his works on the shelves, should you find you enjoy him as much as I do.

– Tam

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