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John F. Kennedy – the 50th Anniversary of a President’s assassination

November 22, 2013

You might wonder why a New Zealand library blog is mentioning the 50th anniversary of the assassination of American President John F. Kennedy.  Well, even though this was well before my time, it did affect the people of my parents generation – even on the other side of the world.  They both recall exactly where they were when they heard the shocking news … as do many.  To me, it seems as though a little bit of ‘innocence’ was eroded by this event – people started to accept the bad things that happened more.

The suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald, was also murdered before being brought to trial, so his guilt was never proven and the crime remains unpunished.  There are many conspiracy theories about who was allegedly behind both Kennedy and Oswald’s deaths, helping to maintain an enduring fascination for many people, young and old alike.The 50th anniversary is being marked in Dallas, Texas, where he died.  Dallas will host a variety of events, highlighted by an observance on Friday, the actual anniversary, where the assassination occurred —  Dealey Plaza. Other cities around the USA are also marking the event.

There are a plethora of television shows coming to N.Z. screens shortly, and several new books have been published as well.  Available now, in fact, is “JFK: the smoking gun” by Colin McLaren.  McLaren is an ex-smoking guncop who studied the evidence, including 10,000 pages of transcripts, discovered witnesses the Warren Commission failed to call, and uncovered exhibits and testimonies that were hidden until now. He touts that he proves, finally, who really did kill the president, and it’s far more outrageous than any conspiracy theory. I won’t spoil it for you … to find out, reserve it now!

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