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Dr Who 50th Anniversary

November 23, 2013

So what’s so special about 23 November 1963? No, it’s not my birthday (I’m old but not that old), but it is the birthday of one of the greatest programmes ever created. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, “Doctor Who” was born. Doctor Who is one of only three science fiction TV programmes that I can swear I have seen every episode of – 798 and counting (Space 1999 and original Star Trek are the other two programmes if you’re interested -can we all say nerd?).

Like every ABBA fan had his/her favourite group member,  so does every Doctor Who fan have their favourite Doctor (controversial choice with me as I think Colin Baker ruled), favourite companion (Leela and my first crush) and favourite villain (I remember hiding behind the sofa when the Dalek appeared. As I’ve grown up now things have changed….and it’s those Weeping Angels that have me hiding behind the sofa)!

And why have I submitted this as a library review? Well,  Tararua District Library has a great collection of Doctor Who books – fiction and non-fiction, as well as DVDs and books from the spin-off series Torchwood. Most of these been written by screen writers from the show itself, such as Steve Cole, and JT Cogan.

So go down to your local library and check it out, or you will be exter…exter..extermin…extremely nagged until you do!

– Darren Russell

dr who's

And don’t forget…

“The Day of The Doctor” 50th Anniversary special screening on Prime TV Sunday 24th November 9am, and again 8.30pm.


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