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Review: The financial lives of poets / Jess Walters

December 21, 2013
Did you ever read one of those books? You know, a book that makes you pause and re-evaluate your life, steps you out of the microcosm you inhabit, and/or smacks you upside the head and makes you grateful simply for existing? I just did: ‘The Financial Lives of Poets’ by Jess Walters, recommended to me by Geof, one of our borrowers, and it is definitely one of those books.
financial livesThe writing was elegant and led you on as you became enmeshed in Matt’s life, hoping he would succeed. Dealing with debt leads to strange depravities, and in these weird financial times this them will resonate with many, but oh it was so humourously written. Sadly, Matt failed but in such a way that I was still uplifted, even inspired. And isn’t that why we read, for all of the reasons above? This title is not available in our catalogue, but is part of our wonderful nation-wide interloan system for which we have to charge $4.10 per book. When you consider the amount of time and labour it takes to get the interloan books here, it’s almost a gift. Just like ‘The Financial Lives of Poets’ is to us, the readers.

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