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Gritty romantic historical fiction

December 27, 2013
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“The lost and found girl” by Catherine King is set in Yorkshire in the days of Lords, ladies and servants. When Beth marries gentleman farmer Edgar Collins, she thought her life would change for the better. She gives birth to twins, born on different days and they are taken from her by her husband.  James, her son, is adopted by her husband’s Uncle, Lord Redfern. Daisy, her daughter, is given to a god-fearing couple who treat her no better than a slave.Daisies saving grace is her adoptive brother Boyd. They both escape and end up working on the Redfern Estate. Daisy meets James and there is an attraction, although they don’t know why. How do they cope with this – she a servant and he the Lord’s heir. How does Boyd cope? Meanwhile what has happened to their mother who is suffering the loss of her children, and where is their father?

– Jenny

Romantic author Catherine King has written eight novels to date, focusing on Edwardian and Victorian times.  Find out more about her here.


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