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It’s all so techinological!

January 1, 2014

ebooksEbooks can be a wonderful thing – they have a place beside regular paper based books.  But if you’ve just got a new ebook reader, or tablet, you might not know how to use our free library electronic books, also known as ebooks.

They are downloaded to your device for a loan period of 3 weeks (you can return them earlier) and are free.  Most devices can be used (except Kindle). After the loan period, you will not be able to open the book anymore, and it will automatically return itself. Not all books are available via ebook of course, depending on their publisher.

To get started using library ebooks, the first step is to ensure that you have a password set up on your library membership.

I need to set up a password for the first time:

On the right hand side of the blog site, you’ll see “Search Library Catalogue” with a link underneath it Click here to access the On-Line Catalogue.  Click on that and you are now in the library catalogue (you can also get to this directly via the council website by the way).   Now, on the left hand side, you’ll see a navy box with User Name and Password in it.  Your User Name is your library card membership number, from underneath the barcode on your library card – remember that it is B zero zero etc, not B oh oh.

Ignore the password field. Underneath the box, click where it says “Forgotten your password” and follow through.  Our system will email you a temporary password to use, if we have your email address on file, and you’ll be prompted to change it as soon as you sign in (it expires every 4 months).   If we don’t have your email address or it’s the wrong address, you’ll need to ask your local library to add your email address to your record before proceeding any further.

I have a password already but have forgotten it:

Follow the above steps, and click on Forgotten Your Password to have it emailed to you.  Please note that if you change your password – or have created a brand new one – this new password will not work with the ebook portal until 10am the next working day, as it takes a while for them to upload, but it will work with the library catalogue straight away.  Passwords are case sensitive, meaning if you put capital T in your password, and then type small t, it will not work.

I’ve got a password – how do I get to the ebook portal?

There are two ways.  Method One: log into the library catalogue (as above) and once logged in, you’ll see Access ebooks on the right hand side. Click on that. That takes you to the ebook portal (see logging in below).

Method Two: go directly to the book site  and log in.  NOTE  that if your password has expired, you will only find this out by logging into the library catalogue as the ebook portal does not tell you – it just won’t let you in!.  And if your password has expired, you can change it via the library catalogue by logging in as usual, then following the prompts to change your password.  After 10am the next working day, you will again be able to log into the ebook portal.

First time ebook user? How do I set up my device?

Initially, you need to check that your device has the necessary software on it, to support ebooks. If this is the first time you’re using it for this purpose, click on the Getting Started button or the Help button in the ebook portal, which is on the first page you see when you log in. You may also like to check this website. And don’t forget that you can always Google for help with your particular device, or look at the instruction booklet – and if you get really stuck, bring your device into the library and we’ll be happy to get you started.

How do I log into the ebook portal?

In the ebook portal, click on Sign In on the upper right hand side.  Enter your same User Name (library card number) and password that you use in the library catalogue.

Remember that you will not be able to sign in until after 10am the next working day, after you have created or changed a password. If neither of those is the case, but you still can’t sign in, try logging into the library catalogue – it may prompt you that your password has expired.

Searching the ebook portal

After signing in, you can search box is in the top right, by the pohutakawa tree.  Or you can search genre links down the right hand side. Or simply click on any book cover shown.  Greyed-out covers mean they are out on loan, but you can reserve them (at no cost).

What’s in the ebook collection?

The ebook portal is shared by four libraries, so demand is quite high.  More titles are regularly added so check back often.  There is something for everyone, from children to adults, fiction to non-fiction.

What about non-library ebooks?

There are plenty of websites around that offer ebooks; very old or classic titles may be offered free, but most require some form of payment ranging from $1 to $20.  Once you have purchased an ebook, it will remain on your device.

Still too confusing?

Your librarians are here to help you – feel free to bring your ebook device in with you next visit, and we’ll do our best to help you get started.

– Natalie


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