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7000 Islands: a food portrait of the Phillippines / Yasmin Newman

January 3, 2014

With the Philippines in the news  after Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in 2013, I realised I have not read much about this country. So in mentioning in previous reviews that there is much to be said in reading cook books (don’t worry, I’m not silly enough to believe it’ll make me a cook), I decided to approach this book as a culture not culinary book!

7000 IslandsSo what have I learned from reading this book?

  • There are 7,107 Islands in the chain (and that must be at least 7,107 recipes I haven’t tried).
  • I found out about the many cultures that mixed to become the current culture;  how the foods of many have become Filipino ; and the many recipes I have yet to try.
  • Plenty of practical recipes that had me drooling…

While the author/chef  stated that the ingredients are easy to obtain or replace, I think we should always remember they are easier to find in Australia (Yasmin Newman’s adopted home), dang!

When one removes his tongue from his cheek, this is a very good cook book for those of YOU who can cook, a very good reading book for those of us who read, and for those of you that can do both…..stop showing off!

– Darren


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