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Oh no, it’s the in-laws!

January 8, 2014

daughters in lawJoanna Trollope is a fairly prolific writer and a descendent of the popular and even more prolific Victorian writer Anthony Trollope. Joanna chooses to write about ordinary people and their relationships. This may not sound very exciting, but when such stories are told by accomplished authors, you can expect a thoroughly satisfying read.

Such is the case with ‘Daughters-in-law’. Anyone with grown up children, especially if they are married or have partners, will really enjoy this tale of mothers and sons, mothers and their daughters-in-law and simply families.

This is the story of one mother of three sons who has always been central to their lives, but now must let go that central role and give up the concern for their daily lives – now seen as interference or dominance by her daughters-in-law. Each of the three sons relationship with their wives is different, and gives rise to different resolution of the mother-in-law/ daughter-in-law connection.

This is a thoughtful, intelligent, enjoyable story, especially for those who have ‘been there, done that.’

– Larry Gordon

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