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Historian reveals truth behind JFK assassination?

January 14, 2014

“JFK and the unspeakable : why he died and why it matters” by James W. Douglass is a meticulously researched, compelling historical account of the events leading up to, and the forces behind, the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

JFK unspeakableThere have been literally hundreds of conspiracy theory books written (mostly by journalists and investigative reporters) but this book is by a historian who has also written major biographies of Ghandi and works of theology. He is a serious author. Douglass is a noted Catholic writer and the Kennedy’s, of course, were a Catholic family. But the facts, as revealed by Mr Douglass’ book, speak for themselves.

In his view and based on the enormously detailed, verifiable evidence he brings together in his book, JFK was assassinated because he would not submit to the plan put before him to make a pre-emptive strike against Communist USSR at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The so-called military industrial complex of Big Business and the hawks in the military and espionage branches of his government tried to pressure JFK into this untenable situation. But JFK negotiated directly with Khrushchev, resulting in the USA and USSR drawing back from the very brink of nuclear war.

James Douglass pulls no punches in this massive exposure of the devious machinations of key military and government personnel. Neither does he flinch from putting major holes in the ridiculous Warren Commission report which accepted Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin, when in fact,  simultaneous shots were heard and people seen to be on the grassy mound at the time of the fatal event. This author has proved, to my mind conclusively, not only that there was a conspiracy to get rid of JFK,  but explained fully and convincingly who were involved and why.

– Larry Gordon


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