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Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter!

February 4, 2014

There is a universal law that says for every rule there is an exception, and it is universally known that by the time you have learnt the rule the exception will have made itself known.So it is with my rule that you should read authors books in order. Janet Evanovich is up to number 20 in her Stephanie Plum (bounty hunter) series with “Takedown twenty”, and she shows no signs of stopping soon. These books are very entertaining and easy to read, but I do sometimes feel that Ms Evanovich has a list of requirements for each book that she ticks off as she writes:

  1. Lose a car, tick.
  2. Include romantic angst, tick.
  3. Add bungling bounty hunting, tick, tick, tick.

It’s all very formulaic but is great fun never the less. We know what will happen and she never disappoints and she always manages to add a little something to tickle us with – in this book it was a giraffe, running around the streets of Trenton.

Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich

I wonder for how long this system will work though.Sometimes I wish Stephanie would learn how to bounty hunt properly or find a job she can do better. Surely no one is that inept and unable to grow and progress!  What a terrible role model for us all. Maybe she could learn how to cook, not injure herself or choose which of the two delicious men in her life she should settle on. I could help her out on that one I’m sure, but in the meantime Ms Evanovich will keep rolling them out and we will keep reading them, not necessarily in the proper order because, to be honest, it really doesn’t make a bit of difference. I hope she has a fairly long list of words beginning with T though because based on previous works, the next 19 will be very similar.

Until next time.

– Corinna


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