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Review: Dark witch / Nora Roberts

February 21, 2014
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I have been waiting for months to read this, which is Book 1 of the Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy.  And as usual, Nora Roberts did not disappoint me.

Based on a legend from 1263, the dark witch sacrificed herself to save her three children from her enemy,  Cabhan the black sorcerer. Using blood and love, she casts a spell to form a protective amulet for each child.  When she gave a piece of herself to each child she ceased to be the dark witch.  She sends her children away before she dies, and her eldest daughter vows to destroy the enemy if her mother couldn’t, even if it took centuries.

The amulets and magic were passed down through the generations until the time was right to fight Cabhan. In 2013, the chosen three descendents are finally united.  Joined by three very close friends they become six.  Their destiny is to defeat Cabhan the black sorcerer.  They must practice their magic, swordplay, strategies and spells if they are to beat the sorcerer.

The characters are unique and vibrant.  I could picture each one in my mind as they were described.  A well written, fantastic magical story that held me entrapped from start to finish.  If you enjoyed the Three Sister Island trilogy you will love this.

I am now desperately awaiting the arrival of book two “Shadow spell” which is due early in Autumn this year.

– Monica


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