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Where does the money go?

February 23, 2014
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Do you enjoy the occasional travel book? That is a book about people rather than places? Then you are going to enjoy ‘Follow the Money’ (A month in the life of a $10 bill)’ by English journalist Steve Boggan.Steve’s original and quirky idea was to start the money on a journey and follow it, with the necessary participation of those into whose hands the $10 note fell.By the end of 30 days and nights, starting in Lebanon, Kansas, he had driven 3,300 miles and met a wide variety of people, both ordinary and extraordinary and had an amazing time with Amish people, deer hunters, missionaries, orchardists and many other Americans.

Boggan also delves into the history of the towns and cities he passed through, giving a brief but very enjoyable tour as he is led by the money from Kansas through Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Michigan, taking in such places as Hot Springs, St Louis, Chicago and Detroit.  Boggan has a wry sense of humour, a ‘polite get on with anyone’ personality and a willingness to put up with some pretty awful accommodation along the way.  It’s another nail in the coffin of the stereotypical American, showing with verve and tongue in cheek humour that Americans are as various as any other nationality.

I really enjoyed this unusual short trip through a part of the USA not so written about compared to the East/ West coasts. These are places not normally on the tourist itinerary and all the more fascinating for that.

– Larry Gordon


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