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I owe Andy McNab an apology…

March 14, 2014

I have to apologise to Mr McNab. I’m unsure if he’ll accept it or even if he really cares, but still. For many years I’ve snobbishly avoided Mr McNab’s books because, well, to be honest, I thought his early ones were pretty naff! However, in the interest of broadening my horizons, and in Eketahuna, horizon broadening is limited, I thought I would try a different author.

red noticeRed Notice is a gung-ho, shoot ’em book with a passable story line. Some of the conversations are still a bit awkward to read and there are a lot of factual bits from SAS training dotted throughout the book. I suspect this is what appeals to those wannabe soldiers who watch ex-Eastender star Ross Kemp and reckon they could be hard. The story line wanders along nicely, the lead characters are adequately done and its a speedy read. I even began to care just a little about the hero, and on holiday I would probably read the next book in the series (I’m assuming here that there will be another book with this character).

But in my never ending search for a hero like Reacher, or an author like Robert Crais, I am still disappointed. If anyone can recommend an author who stands up to these high expectations, I will gladly read and convert. Until then, I will endeavour to continue to broaden my horizons and hope that Mr McNab doesn’t take it personally.

– Corinna


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