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Fun children’s picture books

March 20, 2014

Some of the new children’s picture books that have arrived lately are pretty great!  Here are some of our favourites:

splat penguins are coolSplat is back in another adventure. His class is going to the zoo and Splat is very excited to see the penguins.  Seymour the mouse is sad he can’t come in case he scares the elephants, so he decides he will go to the zoo after all, causing all sorts of mayhem!

Splat books usually have some sort of moral lesson, encased in a fun storyline with awesome illustrations. A perennial favourite for generations of kids!

“Oi Frog” is a delightful rhyming tale, about a cat who insists frog has to sit on a log, and only on a log. Cat proceeds to tell frog all about what other animals sit on … “lions sit on irons”.  A fun story tooi frog finish off the day with at bedtime.

duck songFor those of you who saw the Duck Song viral clip on YouTube, this book will tickle your funny bone.  It’s about a duck who visits a lemonade stand every day, always asking for something other than lemonade – very much annoying the lemonade seller, until the day he can’t take Duck any more!   A very funny book, including a CD with a couple of versions of the song.

“Wimpy Shrimpy” by Matt Buckingham is about a shrimp who lives at the bottom of the sea.  But he’s too afraid to play or have any fun, in case something awful happens. Eventually, all his friends stop asking him to play and he realises his fear is making him lonely. What will he do?  A useful book for shy or fearful children. wimpy

egg huntAnd last, but not least, a book for Easter. “We’re going on an Egg Hunt” by Laine Mitchell, features a CD with a sing-along by Jay Laga’aia.  Pig, goat, cat and fox have all sorts of adventures looking for eggs – until they find Easter Bunny!

– Natalie


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