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Cinderella for grown ups…

March 22, 2014

“Charm” by Sarah Pinborough purports to be “a wicked, delicious, sexy Cinderella fairytale”, but I had my doubts and also wondered if it really was aimed at the adult market, or teenage, so I decided to read it.

cinderellaWell, it’s most definitely for adults, verging on erotic at times.   Essentially the tale is the same as the classic fairytale, somewhat adapted. Her father and stepmother really do love each other; one of the ‘ugly stepsisters’ is already married to a nobleman, and the other, Rose, has caught the eye of the Prince at the ball. But  Cinderella is obsessed with the prince and does everything in her power to obtain his attentions, even to the detriment of her step-sister.

The fairy godmother is actually the Wicked Queen from a neighbouring kingdom, who helps Cinderella achieve her goal because she suspects Snow White’s coffin is hidden in the castle – on the condition that Cinderella aids the handsome Huntsman in bringing the sleeping Princess back to her.  But not for the reason we all think!

In the end, Cinderella realises that she is, in fact, the ugly stepsister … ugly on the inside, ruining several other lives with her selfishness.

There are a raft of cameo’s from other fairy tales, much like what occurs on the series “Once upon a time” on television. So if you like that show, and enjoy adaptations of fairy tales, or just good love stories, this book certainly achieves all that, and is a pleasant diversion for a few hours.  And if you really enjoy, you can also read about Snow White in “Poison”.

– Natalie


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