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Finding buried treasures…

March 27, 2014

Archaeology: unearthing the mysteries of the past / by Kate Santon (2007)

I remember as a kid (a long, long time ago) digging up the ruins of the old farm cottage near where we lived.  I didn’t find any Tutankhamen style treasure (although I did find an old Patea Mineral Water LTD bottle which I still have) or become the next Indiana Jones,  but I did develop a life long interest in archaeology.

treasureSo while wandering amongst the library shelves in need of input and annoying the staff  (always dangerous and fun, but not to be attempted except by trained professional like myself) this book was selected as “filler” while waiting for something new to come along.  And, surprise surprise, it wasn’t a waste of time!

The book covers most of those civilizations we seek to learn about – the Romans, the Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese, as well as the unique but as equally exciting like Africans, Aztecs and the Middle East. The book gives information in short, sharp and concise chapters which I believe helps me retain it. The book is informative enough to be helpful, but not pretentious enough to be daunting. Good illustrations bring places and artefacts to life.

It was one of those books I picked up and read during times where cleaning should have been done, lawns were meant to be mown, and stock moved (they could have done that by themselves) but it was worth it.

This book is there for us budding archaeologists, fans of history and the past, and for those who want to know about the buildings, objects and people who built them, lived in them and used them.

A truly inspiring book, as I seek the next hole for me to dig.

– Darren Russell


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