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Photoshop for artists

April 15, 2014

Photoshop for artists : a complete guide for fine artists, photographers, and printmakers” by Sylvie Covey  (2012) is a very easy to read book for photographers of all levels who see works of art created from photographs by others, and wonder how they might achieve the same.

The tutorials cover a wide range of topics from creating art works from photographs in various media including digital pencil, oils, pastels, and colour washes such as watercolour effects. In addition, it has a large helpful section on effects to photographs, such as replacing or composing scenery; adding sepia or other tones; replacing colour; or hand-colouring photos. Then there is an exciting section on photo-etching, lithography, and printmaking.

The illustrations in each step are brilliant, as you’d expect in a photography book, and quite inspiring. The techniques and outcomes are many and varied, including some even established photographers may not have thought of.

Unfortunately, time moves quickly in the computer world, and with this book already being two years old, some of the options may not still be available. In addition, Adobe Photoshop have changed the business model to monthly subscriptions instead of complete editions of the software, so this may also have an effect on what can be achieved. However, you would think any of the upgrades would be compatible, and even entry-level computer users will be able to intuit how to use upgraded versions.

– Tamara





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