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The real story of Noah?

April 17, 2014

The recent release of the movie “Noah” spurred me on to re-examine certain aspects of the Bible.  Now, I have to admit that I’m relying on school bible class memories here, but I don’t remember Noah having gigantic rock giants  to help him build the Ark!  Not to mention a seed from Eden that sprouted into a fully grown forest overnight, or that every animal who drank from the spring emanating from this forest, automatically came (in pairs) to the Ark and self-boarded for a nice long sleep.  All a bit far-fetched to be taken seriously, despite some excellent acting.

The rock giants were described as “Watchers”, and explained as beings of light that chose to come to Earth to help Adam and Eve, and as punishment, were encased in rock. However, the only reference to the Watchers I’ve found is:

“But now the giants who are born from the (union of) the spirits and the flesh shall be called evil spirits upon the earth, because their dwelling shall be upon the earth and inside the earth. Evil spirits have come out of their bodies. Because from the day that they were created from the holy ones they became the Watchers; their first origin is the spiritual foundation. They will become evil upon the earth and shall be called evil spirits. The dwelling of the spiritual beings of heaven is heaven; but the dwelling of the spirits of the earth, which are born upon the earth, is in the earth. The spirits of the giants oppress each other, they will corrupt, fall, be excited, and fall upon the earth, and cause sorrow. They eat no food, nor become thirsty, nor find obstacles. And these spirits shall rise up against the children of the people and against the women, because they have proceeded forth (from them). – 1 Enoch 15

The Watchers were portrayed as evil towards men, but were redeemed in the end.  I guess the movie did serve it’s purpose – it made me think about this myth and  I even read the well-written and passionately told book “The ark before Noah : decoding the story of the flood” by Yitzchak Irving Finkel (2014), which presented a very intriguing theory based on recent translations of newly translated clay tablets dating from about 1850 BC, it is a copy of the Babylonian Story of the Flood and also includes full instructions for building a large boat.  Through another series of enthralling discoveries he has been able to decode the story of the Flood in ways which offer unanticipated revelations.

But I suppose it’s things like this movie, new scholarly books, and events like Easter, that remind us all about “the reason for the season” huh.

Have a safe Easter.  All libraries will be closed on Easter Friday 18 April 2014 and Monday 21 April 2014.





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