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Ancient Roman mystery fiction

May 2, 2014

downie‘Carpe diem’ if not the day then definitely the book!  I have a customer who has a really good eye for great reads. Just before Christmas he borrowed and returned the book Medicus by Ruth Downie. I quickly swiped it up and was very glad I did.

This book is set in Roman times but is so well written that it reads almost like a modern novel. I suspect this is what Ms Downie was aiming for and she does a stand up job. Although this is work of fiction, there has to be a grain of truth to make it realistic and the nuggets of information Ms Downie gives us are pure gold.

I particularly liked the scene when the main character is talking to his friend while sitting on the loo. Lovely. There are a few characters that have been given similar names, and this can be a tad confusing, but a quick recap of previous pages sorts that out.

If you want a mystery that is not run of the mill, give this book a try. Luckily this is only book one in the Medicus Investigation series and hopefully more in the series will be arriving in our libraries soon.  Until next time.

– Corinna


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