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Harlan Coben and catfishing…

May 25, 2014

missing youKat Donovan, an NYPD detective just like her dead father, is drawn into a ‘catfishing’ case. Catfishing is a form of scam where online daters are targeted for money, sympathy, or worse through fake profiles.

By coincidence, Kat also ends up chasing her long-lost love through, and her curiosity is piqued by Brandon, who begs Kat to search for his missing mother. But Kat can’t decide whether his mom is missing on purpose or by accident. As if Kat’s heartstrings weren’t being tugged enough by chasing the fiance who walked out on her 18 years earlier, the hitman who went to prison for her father’s murder recants his confession on his deathbed. So whodunit now then?

While I missed Myron Bolitar (star of many of Coben’s previous novels) and it took me a while to warm to Kat, Coben’s typically good writing style engaged me, and I wanted to know what happened to Kat. Good work. While not my favourite Harlan Coben book – that would be ‘Promise Me’- it’s a good, entertaining offering. And streets ahead of the first book he ever wrote, ‘Play Dead’ which was published once he became famous.

And did you know Coben has written two young adult novels, starring Mickey Bolitar, Myron’s nephew? They’re quite good also.

– Tamara


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