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How to get rid of an unwanted scarf!

May 27, 2014

Hey Kids! Do you like the colour orange? I do, it’s lovely and bright. It’s a happy colour. We have this book in our library called “Little Owls orange scarf, a warm and witty yarn” by Tatyana Feeney. That means it’s a story about the scarf being something “warm” and “yarn” is an old name for wool.

little owlsAnyway, the story is about Little Owl and the lon…………g orange scarf his mother knitted for him. Do you know how to knit? You can find books in your library in the Junior Non Fiction section at number J746.33 if you’d like to learn.

Ooops … about the story, Little Owl thought the scarf was too lon……………g and too orange, so he tries to lose it. Have you ever lost anything? Parents aren’t very happy when you lose stuff, are they?

Anyhow, Little Owl wrapped the scarf around a parcel that was going to be posted to Peru. Have you ever heard of that country before? For more information about Peru you can ask your librarian. Little Owl did do something with that lon ……………g orange, scarf – read the book and find out what he and his mother do next!

This is a wonderful picture book for young children and it will make them smile. Read it soon.

– Wyn


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