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The souls journey…

June 9, 2014

This year, Dannevirke Library hosted a book launch to promote local author Judith Farley’s book “The Souls journey and how it affects your life” and curiosity inspired me to attend. Judith is also a clairvoyant/medium/healer who runs workshops and does sessions in vibrational realignment therapy, inner vision psychotherapy and modern hypnotherapy.

Judith Farley

Judith Farley

Judith said she wrote this book in conjunction with the four archangels – Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.  Judith said parts of the book were channelled by the angels. This means she wrote chapters without knowing what was written until after, when she went back and read the text.  Judith had not planned on writing a book until being approached by these angels, who “talked” her into it.

I am not sure where I sit with this.  I am fairly open-minded and receptive to all manner of theories relating to the afterlife/beforelife and the universe, etc.  The book is interesting and many parts of it did resonate with me.  There are many of us who are curious as to where/why/who/how we sit with the universe.  Indeed, what is the universe?  Who are we?  Where are we from? What is life?  Heck, the questions are endless.  There have been many theories over time, the old “big bang” as opposed to “God”.  Science vs religion.  The debate still rages and no doubt will continue forever.

This book may be a useful tool for some people.  For many searching for answers, it may provide them.  As I said, there were many parts that did resonate… however many parts I found difficult to reconcile with my experience/pre-conceived beliefs. I did enjoy reading it though and if anything, it has made me sit back and “smell the roses” so to speak.  We should all value life, it’s the only one we have currently.  Whatever came before or will come after, it is important to treasure what we have in the here and now.  And if some things in life happen or don’t happen, who knows, it may be for a reason, as this book suggests.

In summary?  Read the book and form your own opinion.  Read it with an open mind. Personally,  I thought Judith is a warm and vibrant woman and what she has written/channelled, I believe, is heartfelt.

– Pamela


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