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At last! The end has been reached…

July 3, 2014

wheel of timeSo was it worth the wait, the many years that I have put into getting to the end of the Wheel of Time series?

I have had many complaints about this series regarding its length, the style and language and the plot and flow of the story itself so I found the 14th and final novel, “A memory of light” by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson,  a refreshing and clever way of tying up all the loose ends nicely.

I had complained about the number of characters and the complicated relationships. By now they have been sorted and very easy to follow. The actions make sense. The new characters add to the story and so do their stories start, develop and end here, no problems there. No “who the heck are you again” anymore!

I complained about the story, and again this has been improved. The story has been brought back to five main settings and all the major characters have actually reconnected. Any new locations again make sense and add to the story and not distract from it. None of the “where the heck am I again”?

“A memory of light” is a very good read and in my opinion, an excellent ending for the whole series and yes, worth the wait. Fans should be happy to have found “The End” at last.  I wonder if the movie version of “The Eye of the World”, being made in 2014, will do it justice?


– Darren


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  1. Haven’t started this final novel yet … maybe this year … I think I may have to read the one before, just to refresh my memory … lol


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