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“Rosa’s hair” by Sarah Walsh

August 7, 2014

Addendum: the WINNER of our 2014 poetry competition:


Rosa’s hair

Many a bad hair day wove itself atop of Rosa,

from the interested age of five, teased, and not too short of a back-comb,

the kids would name call her.

Set at the back of an itty-bitty forehead,

the same front as a distant relative,

Winnie the insensitive,

Rosa never knew she existed.

Rosa’s sister tormented and howled, hair

‘Kate Bush’, ‘Eddie Munster’, ‘Wolf Boy’,

it hurt and she cowled.

Beside too much cow-lick,

her hairdresser quit,

forcing Rosa discouragement in the chair.

She sat silent posturing a face,

her imagination outside and up in the air.

Bleaching and straightening and pulling and blow-waves,

women sleep-walked money by and by,

It’s about time Rosa amused

heroines ran natural, curliness, scurfy conundrums

and plugged ostentation sonar sky.


– Sarah Walsh (Christchurch)



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