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“The sun went down in anger” by Joe Shaw

August 8, 2014

The Sun went down in anger.   For Lillian.

When the Sun went down in anger the darkest

time I felt in my heart, from a cold women

depart, I had no idea of her detest,

like the sunset, going down on a bad Omen

cold and callous of her the sunsets in ire,

sequestered in seclusion behind a wall                                  sunset

of delusion, I feel lost without her,

a Methuselah mentality long and pall


I will with-draw wretched “tis’’true

a life of sorrow, things might change

tomorrow? The Sun will shine for me too,

but I’ll die alone an out-cast by name;


the Sun is gone in shame, like a hot knife

cutting deep into my heart, such is life.



Poem by Joseph.E. Shaw. (Christchurch)


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