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‘A message for my children’ / David Gibbs

August 13, 2014

Another entry in our poetry competition:
A message for my children


My dad left without a word

He’s gone, like a fleeing bird

My dad is gone, he won’t be back

Nothing we do, will change that fact

I heard mum cry, the other day

I know it’s because he has gone away


I’d hear her crying late at night

She would say, “I’m alright”

Sometime she gets angry

Or she would be crazy-mad

Sometimes she would smile, her voice so glad

Drinks with her sisters, they talk about dad


“I hate, I hate you”, in anger I would say

“I hate you, for letting him go away”

I would get so angry, I don’t know why

Her tears fell like rain pouring out the sky

“Dear son I’m sorry, I love you, I do.

I won’t ever leave you, believe me it’s true”


Her arms around me she would tell me to cry

“People, they leave us and I don’t know why”

It took quite a while for the pain to subside

The hurt started welling, it cut through the pride

The tears just kept flowing, they run down my face

Like someone had sprayed me, with a can full of mace


I still remember how I cried in bed

Accepting the fact, admitting you’re dead

I really don’t hate you, I want you to know

I just found it so hard, letting you go

I can still hear my mother, she sobbed late at night

So I gave her some cuddles, so she’d be alright


The years have passed by, now with kids of my own

I still feel your presence never feeling alone

The grandchildren never meet you, my daughter and son

When they were small children, full of mischief and fun


Now fully grown, you lives of your own

I need you to know, before I am gone


I will love your forever, if we have to part

I will love you forever, till the last beat of my heart

I love you forever, I need you to hear

And even in death, I will try to be near

I don’t want to leave you, without saying a word

I don’t want leave, like that scared fleeing bird

We can’t pick the moment or choose the day

There won’t be a choice when I go away


The greatest love, endures for ever


© David John Gibb


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