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‘Ode to Woodville’ by Karen Rees

August 15, 2014

Ode to Woodville

Second hand town

With passed on

Hand me downs

Outgrown by its young.

Nothing to do for them

But hang around

Shouting about lost lands and

Dreams of warrior’s screams

In the gorge.

That’s who the marae

Was named for.

Most don’t know but

The children do,

Passed down to them

Not at school.

Second hand town

All wind blown and

Sulky in the rain

Waiting for the sun to

Please come again.

Graffiti castle stands

Sentry at the gate

Banished but loud and

Proud about its fate.

A huddle of shops

In tight little blocks

Fight for cents

From junk and rents.

Its heart hidden

Round the back,

A people’s park

Deserted like an

Unwanted paddock.

Second hand town

It’s where you’re from,

Blink and it’s gone.

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  1. Susan Smith permalink

    Wow!! So true and well written, well done.


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